Finding out that your child has a disability that affects learning is very tough.  Learning what that means for your child's experience in our public schools is even tougher.  If more than twenty years of educational advocacy has taught me anything, it's that when parents learn the rules -- everything can change for your child. 

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You wouldn't buy a car without understanding the terms of the sales agreement.  You wouldn't take a job as team leader with no experience in that line of work because you understand how important it is to know what you are doing, the process, the steps, the expectations and responsibilities. 


When you suspect your child has a disability or your child has been     identified as a student who needs special education services you enter a whole new world and you need to understand the process for yourself.  You can ask for help from school district staff but if you don't know how to ask them, then your child could go without what they really require.


It is critically important that you learn the process or you have someone advocating for what your child needs who does.  I want to help you learn that process so you can secure what your child needs to have full access to their educational opportunity so they too will reach their full potential.  


While I help individual families, I am most passionate about helping those families and children that do not have access to individual professional services. That is why I started my YouTube Channel! I want to share what I have learned over the more than twenty years I have been working as an education advocate.  I encourage you to check out my videos so you can become a better advocate for your child even if you have access to professional services! 


The road to securing that educational experience for your child can be a lonely one.  However, know that you are not at all alone.  Over 7 million children in this country have been identified and receive services under IDEA. That does not include those children who receive accommodations through a 504 plan, nor does it include those that have yet to be identified.  My guess is the number of students in this country who face barriers to learning is closer to 14 million so, no, you are not at all alone.  

Together We Can Create a New Generation of Educational Access for Students with Disabilities

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