New To Special Education?

It can be over whelming when you suspect or find out that your child has a disability that may require extra support or even special education services.  The process can seem daunting but the most important thing for you to know is:

1. You are the expert on your child

2. You need to learn your rights and about the process and about all the resources that are readily available to you.

I want to help you do that and I believe together we can change how students with learning differences and their families are treated in our public and private schools.  


Watch and share these YouTube videos to learn more about how you can become a better advocate for your child. 


 Begin to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology and learn about the IEP Process and learn to navigate through the different sections of the law. 


Read about special education law and every parent should download and print your own copy of the rules and regulations for IDEA.  Learn your rights.  


Learn to identify how your child's differences are impacting their access to their educational opportunities both at school and at home. 

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